TONES AND I – Bad Child (versuri melodie)

Versurile melodiei Bad Child interpretatat de Tones AND I
Tones and I, artista care a cucerit întreaga lume cu piesa „Dance Monkey”, revine cu o piesă care se numește „Bad Child” și care vine la pachet cu un videoclip postat ceva mai jos.

Versuri melodie: Bad Child – Tones and I

My family always said I was the bad child
Throwin’ me away into the bad pile
All my life been puttin’ on a fake smile
Sittin’ on my own, feel like I’m exiled
Feelin’ like I always do the wrong things
Tellin’ all their friends that I’m the bad kid
Now I’m on my own, I lost my magic
Dealin’ with your bullshit now I’m over it

And you took a part of me
Left me with the memories, oh
We were never a family
Now you’re standin’ in front of my door-or-or
Like none of this happened at all-all-all

I guess I’m always gonna be the bad child
I guess I’m always gonna be the mad child
‘Cause you will never understand my weird mind
My weird mind
And to every single person here that doubts me
Tellin’ me that they could live without me
‘Cause they will never understand my weird…

Videoclip oficial: TONES AND I – Bad Child

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