VersuriVersuri Justin Bieber - Available (lyric)

Versuri Justin Bieber – Available (lyric)

Versurile melodiei Available interpretate de Justin Bieber.

Thinking ‘bout you, it ain’t always about me
Don’t make any sense in you being lonely
Hurry up and get here now but don’t speed
I’ll never get over you up under me

I’m available
Oh, yes I am
I’m available
Yeah, for you I am
Don’t mean to sound desperate
But you made it like this
Say I’m number one on your to do list

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I’m available
I’m available

Nothing like your hands on me
Regret the moments that they’re off me and let it sink in
Hear me talking, don’t ignore me
I was just about to call it what you thinking
Been thinking about you, can’t get this vision out my head
Got a grip, I’m holding onto everything you say
Ain’t making this up just to get you in my bed
If you ain’t left yet, you can go ahead

Thinkin’ ‘bout you, it ain’t always about me
Don’t make any…

Lyric: Justin Bieber – Available

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